Comprehensive Financial Care for Physicians
Fiduciary Financial Care from Residency through Retirement
Physicians in Training

You don't have time to focus on your financial life or to learn what you need to know to make smart financial decisions?

It would make a huge difference to have a physician specialized advisor who can help me to manage my student loans, maximize my cash flow, and protect my family and me against the risk of disability, lawsuits and premature death.
Transitioning to Practice

While you are focused on making the right decisions for your professional future, you need a partner alongside you to ensure that you are also making the right decisions for your financial future.
Practicing Physicians & Dentists

Caring for your patients and your family doesn't leave you with enough time to truly optimize of your financial affairs. If you had a personal CFO keeping you on course and helping you to effectively maximize your financial opportunities and limit unnecessary risk, you would sleep better at night.
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We know that the work physicians do is demanding, the hours are long and their bandwidth is stretched to the limit. The vast majority of physicians don't have the time or energy to obtain the financial literacy needed to effectively navigate their increasingly complex financial lives. That's where we come in.

Our accredited financial professionals deliver on-site financial literacy lectures at training hospitals, medical and dental schools, private practices, and annual retreats across the country. Speakers include Certified Public Accountants, practice consultants, and Certified Financial Planners™. All speakers have lectured and worked extensively with physicians and are able to directly address the specific financial issues facing today's practicing and in-training physicians.

Curriculum, conference, and event organizers may choose among a variety financial topics including debt management, taxation, contract negotiation, insurance, and retirement planning. Program lengths vary from as little as 15 minutes to one hour.

There is an abundance of broad information available on these topics, but physicians and dentists need access to knowledge that has been specifically curated for them. Our lectures have been refined to not only deliver this information, but to do so in a concise, readily understandable, and actionable way.

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Hippocratic is your family office, providing comprehensive financial services including insurance, wealth management, tax prep and legal services such as contract review.
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