Financial Planning for Young Physicians Dinner Symposium
Join us Every Third Thursday of the Month

Thursday, November 17, 2022 7PM
Skylight Gardens
1139 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles
What you will learn
A relaxing dinner is a great place to take 60 minutes out of your busy day to learn the essential financial planning considerations that residents need to be aware of.

Be prepared for good food, great company and a high-yield symposium that distills down to the essential, our company's 12 years of experience helping residents and attending.

Student Loans
How can I optimize my loan repayment programs and federal loan forgiveness to reduce my debt?

Transition from Training
What steps can I take to ensure a smooth financial transition from training?

Common Mistakes
Learn the most common financial mistakes physicians make and how to avoid them (hint: don’t buy any life insurance other than term life insurance)

Disability Insurance
Should you purchase an individual disability policy prior to entering practice? Learn how to access all of the discounts available to Residents and Fellows

Physician Home Loan
Learn what a physician specific home loan is and how you can find the right one

Asset Protection
The basics of asset protection and how you can protect yourself outside of the hospital

Physician Incorporation
As an independent contractor, what tax planning considerations do I need to focus on? How do I form a corporation and which type is best for me? How do I set up my own benefits?

Employment Contract Negotiation
Objective contract negotiation methods residents and fellows need to know when considering an employment contract

Choosing a Financial Advisor
Is it wise to take financial advice from family members or colleagues? Learn the right questions to ask when considering a financial advisor

Physician Tax Planning
How physicians can pay less in taxes and how to plan for taxes throughout your career

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