Tax Planning Meeting Prep
Prepare for your year-end tax-planning meeting by submitting the following info securely here, or via email. Consider yourself, your spouse and your companies. Your info helps build yearly estimates so you can make better tax-related decisions this year and next.
Income this year
What we are looking for is an estimate for total family and company income for the year. Recent paystubs work well for this. We are interested in all forms of income.
Expenses this year
We are interested in all expenses for the year that might be relevant for taxes. A list of expenses in a spreadsheet or doc is great. Your business credit card statements could also work. Here is a list of possibly deductible and non-deductibe business expenses.
Tax-relevant info for this year
Make a list of any changes this year that could effect your taxes such as marriage, divorce, new dependent, and sale of a house.
Potentially Deductible Business Expenses
401K/Retirement Account Funding
Advertising and Promotion
Auto Expenses (*Split by Category – Miles, Fuel, Insurance, Repair, Lease)
Bank Charges
CME Expenses
Contract Labor/Assistance
Donation Expense
Dues & Subscriptions
Home Office Expense (*Need size of home, of office, and expenses by category)
Insurance (Health & Malpractice)
Licensing Expenses
Meals (not daily meals, rather business meetings – Entertainment not deductible)
Medical Expense (*Only when incorporated)
Office Furniture
Office Supplies & Equipment
Parking & Tolls
Professional Fees (including CPA)
Taxes Paid - City or Sales
Telephone & Internet
Travel & Accommodations for Business Trips
Uniform (COVID supplies, White Coats & Scrubs)

Note - Items with * have more limitations, depend on circumstances
For All - Always keep receipts on the above, for meals and gas included.
Non-Deductible Business Expenses
Fitness or Social Club Dues
Life & Disability Insurance
Movies, Sporting and Music Events
Gifts over $25
Formal/Work Clothing
Student Loan Payments
Child Care Expenses