The Wealth MD Program™
Live life well with collaborative and customized process that is clearly defined by your needs, goals, circumstances and philosophy.
Creating and maintaining a Wealth MD Program™ is especially critical for physicians in today's complex and fast-paced financial environment.
More than a disciplined planning process, The Wealth MD Program™ is a convenient tool for managing and tracking your finances by giving you an integrated snapshot of your financial picture at any given point in time through:

  • A password-protected portal on our website to access and monitor your personal Wealth MD Program™
  • Unlimited Online Storage and easy access to financial documents in one central location
  • Access to consolidated reporting from your financial providers through our website log-in
Very importantly, The Wealth MD planning process enables us to assess all of the unique facets of your personal and financial life, which helps us build a truly holistic plan. We provide insight and experience spanning multiple financial disciplines to combine your financial affairs into a unified plan that is managed with meticulous care. You can easiy see and monitor your financial life and your progress along your plan within our secure online portal.
Ultimately, you will find that implementing a The Wealth MD Program™ gives you the ability to:

  • Steer your financial destiny in the right direction
  • Organize your personal, professional and financial life
  • Execute and monitor all of the planning we engage in
  • Consolidate investment advice
  • Manage risk through comprehensive insurance reviews and updating
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are proactively addressing the opportunities and risks encountered along your life's financial journey